About Donielle

Natural Momma.

Real Foodie.



Owner and curator here at Natural Living Moms, I’ve been blogging for about four years now and am the author of the Natural Fertility Workshop, an extension of my blog Naturally Knocked Up. I found blogging in 2007, when my son was just a year old, as a way to connect with other like-minded moms. I’ve met some great friends along the way as well as found a passion for sharing ideas and inspiration for living a bit more naturally.  I also spend a bit of time on twitter as I try to ignore the laundry and dishes. (I’m @donielle) While blogging is something I enjoy and spend a good amount of time on, my most important job is momma to my two little ones as a stay at home mom.

I definitely wasn’t always a natural momma! Actually I started out rather ‘conventional’ but my parenting style and way of life has definitely taken some twists and turns. My poor husband has been in for one crazy ride being married to me! He lovingly calls me his “hippie wife” as he uses vinegar to help me clean, builds me raised garden beds, and helps me run around the yard trying to catch the chickens so our neighbors don’t call the cops again. My life sure isn’t what I thought it would be, but we’re happy, healthy, and blessed abundantly by the good Lord above.

I’m also in the “eat whole foods” camp, choosing to buck the modern way of eating and instead prepare foods at home most days. I’m also a big believer  in eating organic, local, and sustainable foods – though we also choose to not stress about food when push comes to shove! Most days we focus on good and wholesome foods, but also allow ourselves to eat out or at another house without guilt.