Be Blessed and be a Blessing


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“Be blessed and be a blessing”

I have this written on the cover of my prayer journal. It just sounds so easy. Living it out is a bit different that just saying it.

It was a Hallmark morning. I woke up to pancakes in bed, homemade gifts and cards, and was smothered in hugs and kisses to the point that I had to pretty much crawl into the kitchen. The kids were dressed to the nines. I wore pearls(and heels!) to church.  Hubby did the dishes and prepared lunch. We spent the afternoon napping, being treated to lattes, strolling around the park and preparing stuff for a family activity of making hula hoops.

I am blessed.  Blessed by any definition. But yet, daily I complain about my life.  Today, in fact, I complained about my life.  Today I did not cry for the blessing of children that I wish I could have . . . instead I grumbled when I got those blessings ready for bed. I had to remind myself of something our pastor once said, “when you begin to complain, begin counting your blessings”. So I did.

Today I did not have to travel over 5 miles on foot to get water for my family thinking about my kids, worried about their futures. Instead I walked through the park hand in hand with the man I love talking about our kids and our future vacations. Today I did not fear for the safety of my family because we choose to live our lives as followers of Jesus Christ.   Instead I stood next to my fellow brothers and sisters and joyfully worshiped, freely. Today I didn’t worry about the quality of the water my kids drank, instead I sipped my latte and handed them their  $15 a piece stainless steel water bottles.  Today I did not only get the joy of not having to cook thanks to my husband, but we didn’t have to worry where the provision for that meal was coming from.  And that just covers a few of the worries mother’s all over the world carried on their shoulders today.

I am so thankful for my life, for today, for the blessing of being a mother. Lately I’ve been reminded of many verses that talk about the overflowing of  blessing. I was strongly convicted and thought I’d share some ways we may share our time, resources, and financial blessings with others who may be without.

Here are just a few organizations for thought.

Heart Cry International. Check out their Woman to Woman sponsorship program. I personally know the creators of this organization and have been blessed by their passion to extend love to the unloved and help to the broken.

-Volunteer at or donate to a local pregnancy center or woman’s shelter. specifically the Living Hope program. Rape Abuse Incest National Network. A grassroots projects aimed to stop sex and labor trafficking.

And one for those women(and men) who so wish to have a child of their own and look to adoption. Many of these families are in need of financial help to bring their children home. Consider a gift to Show Hope, a charity that was started by Steven Curtiss Chapman and his family.

For a larger gathering of other options go to

I hope you had a very wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day as well!




  1. I really love that…Be blessed and be a blessing. I want to really incorporate this into my life! Great post, thanks!