Book Review: Crazy Makers

Why have the mental illness and mental disorder rates increased in recent years? Is it the food we eat? Or just as important, the food we don’t eat?

According to Carol Simontacchi and her book “The Crazy Makers: How the Food Industry is Destroying Our Brains and Harming Our Children” it does. This book not only attacks the food industry for putting chemicals and toxins into our food, but shows us as shoppers how we are starving our brains with foods that have no nutrition and chemicals that can have damaging effects.

Book Description:

With obesity becoming one of the fastest-growing worldwide epidemics, and manufactured food fueling that trend, The Crazy Makers is timelier than ever. This updated edition includes a new chapter on autism, as well as revised material that illustrates just how much the industry has changed in a few short years.

Based on extensive research, epidemiological evidence, and a formal study of schoolchildren’s eating habits, The Crazy Makers identifies how the latest food products may be literally driving us crazy. Carol Simontacchi offers the reader nutritional primers and recipes to help counteract the problems facing us and our children every time we sit down to eat.

I like the way this book is set up as it starts at the very beginning of life with a chapter for pre-natal nutrition, moving on to infant nutrition, kids, teens and finally adults. I think this book would be especially beneficial for those parents that have children who are chronically sick or unruly children doctors want to medicate, as she shows different ways that kids can have food sensitivities that doctors don’t check for.

The most profound part of this book for me was that on teens and how food intolerances show up for them. And how it affects their mental function.

Even as adults we’ve seen some great changes in our own mental health at our house as we’ve changed our diets.

A great book – I’m glad I have this one in my personal library.


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  1. beth@thenaturalmommy says:

    I’m loving your book reviews – just added this to my Amazon wishlist.  🙂

  2. It’s really a good book! I got it from the library. Hoping I can find it on paperbackswap one of these days. 🙂

  3. I know that nearly every time I interact with you, D, I talk about how removing gluten fixed this or that, but it all seems to be true. I had depression and anxiety all through my teens & 20s. When I finally switched to a GF diet and homeopathy I really was able to get out of that tunnel. It hasn’t helped with my impulse control disorder, but considering how many things it HAS fixed in my body, that leaves some energy to deal with the stuff that lingers.

  4. donielle says:

    My DH struggled with panic attacks and social anxiety until he went GF! At one point it was quite dibilitating, which is when I went to Dr. Google to figure out what to do. 😉 A couple months later he was a different person.