Breathe Easy – What’s in Your Ducts?

Have you ever considered what could be lurking in the unseen areas of your home? More specifically, have you given thought to what could be accumulating and circulating through your air ducts? I did, more recently, as I continued in my efforts to clean up the air in our home.

I made an inquiry amongst a group of my friends, about who they would recommend we contact about having our air ducts cleaned. The company whose name kept resurfacing was Rivertown Heating & Cooling. I devised a list of questions before calling, as I wanted to be fully informed as to what to expect. Jackie from Rivertown, was more than happy to assist me when I did get a chance to call. Below are the questions I asked, followed by her answers.

1. How is it done? They connect to the main supply with a large vacuum. They use a specially designed tool to loosen “stuff” in the vents, and blow the “stuff” into the main vent for it to be suctioned out.

2. Must the resident be gone during the service? It is up to the homeowner.

3. How long does it usually take? On average 1 1/2 hours; however it depends on the sq. footage of the home, if there are pets in the home, and a few other varying factors.

4. What are common issues w/clogged ducts? The main issue is lots of dust present. Dust will accumulate on, and in, everything in the home. It will in-turn re-circulate through the air vents. Dust accumulation will irritate the senses, make housework more tedious, and leave an overall congested feeling in the air.

5. How long does it typically take for ducts to become clogged? On average, every 3 years or so. Factors that shorten the time are a lot of people living in the home, dogs/pets, smoking, and remodeling. The greatest sign that yours are needing attention, is a constant need to dust.

6. Will a difference be noticed immediately? Yes, you should notice an immediate decrease in your need to dust, and experience relief if experiencing irritation of the senses.

7. What is the cost for an average home? On average the cost is between $150-$250. It can vary a lot based on the vent count. They always give an accurate quote beforehand, ensuring no hidden costs.

On the day our ducts were scheduled to be cleaned, two gentleman from the company arrived promptly around 10am, following a call to confirm they were close by. I showed them around our house, pointing out the location of our vents, then leading them down to our main supply room. After looking everything over they showed me a situation that prevented them from reaching one area of our vents, that was a result of how our basement was finished, and asked if I still wanted them to proceed. I decided to go forward with it, simply because it was the plan, and I knew they were going to help, even if it wasn’t to the fullest of their capabilities. They proceeded to tell me that our ducts were not bad at all, for being 7 years old; and that we had a total of 13 supply vents, and 6 return, resulting in a total cost of $254.95.

All-in-all, I was very pleased with the service provided to us by Rivertown Heating & Cooling and just as my friends referred them to me, I feel confident referring them to you. If you are thinking air duct cleaning would benefit your household, know that Spring and Fall are their busiest times of the year; but they will do their very best to get you on the schedule as soon as they can, and you can be assured they will provide you with great service, at a very competitive cost.

This is the last post in my series titled “Breathe Easy”. I hope that through my efforts you gained some ideas of how you can help create a better breathing environment in your home! If you have anything else to add, I would love your feedback, and any ideas you have to offer!

Now, take a deep breath, I am 🙂

*I was provided service free of charge in exchange for this review. The thoughts are my own and in no way swayed by this.