Raw goats milk.


Raising organic and grassfed animals for raw goats milk and meat as well as eggs.

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Providing both goat and cow shares for raw milk, as well as grassfed beef, goat, chicken, and pork. Heirloom veggies in season and pastured eggs.

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Hand crafted, raw, organic cheeses.

Green Pastures

Green Pastures is a cowshare program at Grassfields in Coopersville, MI. Buying a cowshare is a legal way for you to obtain raw milk without having to milk the cows yourself! Our dairy cows and land are certified Organic and we have a lot of other products raised or made on our farm too, like grass fed meats and organic cheeses and more.

We also offer multiple milk delivery locations surrounding the greater Grand Rapids area.


Grass-fed free-ranging beef, free-ranging pastured pork, eggs from free-ranging chickens, goat milk, cheese, honey, maple syrup, popcorn and vegetables in season.

(269) 323-3629.

Raw goats milk as well as goat cheese, goat milk ice cream, fresh brown eggs from their flock of Isa brown chickens and fresh milled whole wheat bread upon request.