I hope to empower my clients to have a satisfying and safe birth experience, propelling them with confidence into motherhood. I will do this through encouraging self-education, and empowering the mother through consistent emotional and physical support during the birth and beyond.

Crowning Lotus Doula Services

Crowning Lotus Doula Services offer a down to Earth, holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and beyond. As well as impeccable labor support, Crowning Lotus offers an array of products and services such as in home Babywearing Consultations, Photography, Belly Casting, Henna, Lactation Cookies, Nursing Clips and much more! Promoting health and well being, sustainability and complete education and emotional support for the community is the foundation of this service.

Earth Mother’s Natural Birth Services, Heather Dexter

I offer support for women in all stages of their lives. My specialty focus is to support & empower the pregnant woman in through Natural Childbirth Education Classes ( and Parenting courses. I assist labor and birth as a Holistic Labor Companion (NITE), with a variety of natural aids to use in any circumstance. I offer Placental options for the Mothers who wish to Encapsulate or create a Print.

Jennifer Holshoe

Professional Doula and Photographer Jennifer Holshoe provides empowering labor education and support combined with documentary photography coverage of your amazing journey through pregnancy and birth.

(616) 318-1825

ICEA Certified Birth Doula & Childbirth educator


Providing Christ-centered support for women and families during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Mother Reverence LLC

Kristin offers educated and unbiased support to each client with no agenda. Her role is different for each birth.

Sage Birth Co-Op of Grand Rapids

A group of professionals, including childbirth educators, birth doulas, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, birth & family photography and parenting professionals.

Serenity Holistic Health & Wellness

I work with women throughout pregnancy, labor, postpartum and beyond. I have over 5 years experience and provide specialized care uniquely designed to give you and your partner the confidence and support you need!

I am a Holistic Doula trained in essential oils, herbs and other natural remedies safe to use during the childbearing years. I also offer Natural Childbirth Education Classes,Birth Preparation Sessions, Placenta Encapsulation, Breastfeeding Counseling, Holistic Health Counseling, and Natural Parenting Education.

Whether you choose to pursue an non-medicated or medicated childbirth; hospital, birth center or home birth, I will work with you to prepare, and empower you for your new journey! It is my desire to build confident, attached, healthy families through education and connection to resources, while also giving new and expectant parents tools for a healthy, peaceful pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.

Spirit of Ilithyia Birth Services

I have been a birth doula and childbirth educator since 2004. Each birth that I have the honor of attending teaches me something unique – always about birth; often about women and their power. I am comfortable supporting women in all settings, including (and especially) at home.