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Natural Health Practitioners

Melissa Malinowski, ND, Integrative Nutritional Therapies

Melissa specializes in BioEnergetic testing for people of all ages as well as pets. She uncovers root issues such as hidden dental infections, gut microbiome imbalance, hormone imbalance, parasites, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, candida/molds, emotional stressors, food allergies, and so much more! Her BioEnergetic machine then, clears those frequencies from the body allowing balance and healing to become the best version of you. Melissa also specializes in ancestral real food planning, menus, shopping lists, cooking and meal planning for holidays and travel.


Once Micah has a better understanding of your overall health, he will design a program specific to your needs, helping you to regain balance and continue your journey toward health and wholeness. These programs often include diet changes, exercise, herbal treatments, homeopathic remedies, allergy corrections, cleanses, essential oils, and emotional work. While some Natural Health Practitioners send people out the door with bags of supplements, Micah believes that healing comes from right food choices, avoiding toxic substances, and emotional health. Supplements are used as a means to help bring the body back into balance while we learn to live, eat, and love well.

St. Brigid’s Holistic Labor Care

As a Holistic Labor Companion, Kelly provides continuous, holistic, labor support, utilizing her skills in Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies, Herbs, Nutrition, and Muscle Response Testing to support families during the child bearing year.


Specializing in family wellness care including pregnancy, pediatrics, athletes and more.