Cabbage in your Bra

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Last month Dear Hubs and I drug (dragged?  Sorry, grammar is not my strong suit…) our 5 little ones out of bed around 4am (I should say early one morning, but seriously, 4am is the middle of the night!) to board a plane to Houston to visit our favorite Texans.  I had planned this endeavor and rehearsed it in my head over and over.  I had terrible dreams of what could go wrong… AHHH! WHERE’S GABRIEL!?!?! Oh there he is on the plane to Acapulco…  I even practiced my belligerent   “HELL NO!  TSA agent on a power trip, you can keep your hands OFF my daughter!”

What I did not plan for, was a raging breast infection at 4am the morning I’m supposed to shuffle my little herd through security and onto a 3hr plane ride…

When I went to bed around 11, it was only slightly achy, not even enough to really think about.  But when the alarm went off at 3:50am, I was shaking so hard from the fever that my teeth were chattering, and it felt like someone took a sledge-hammer to my chest!  It brought tears to my eyes, just nursing my little one that morning.

Then in the back of my mind, I recalled a nugget of info that I read a while back, and tucked away in my brain for a moment such as this…  Cabbage!! I always try a natural remedy before heading to the Doctors office.  Mostly, it works out and we get better on our own.  Even so,  I had little faith that stuffing my bra with cabbage would do much, but at 4am, there were no other options!

So on our way to the airport, (thank God for 24hr grocery stores) I purchased a head of green cabbage.  Immediately the cool leaves relieved some discomfort and within 5 minutes, I could feel the pain draining out of my body and the fever lifting.  I was shocked!  I should have a little more faith in mother nature though 😉

And in case you wondered, no, you cannot bring a bottle of water through security, but a head of cabbage is no problem!

“Here’s your purse ma’am, your shoes…and… your head of cabbage?”

I’ve been trying to do a little research to see why cabbage helps with a breast infection.  I have an Herbal PDR, but it didn’t have any info on cabbage relating to breast health.  I know cabbage is a storehouse of nutrients, but couldn’t pin point exactly what it does in your bra.

I did find some info on cabbage and weaning.  Some claim a connection between cabbage and decreasing your milk supply, so I guess I would do your own research, and only use cabbage short-term.  And of course, you should always consult your doctor with any medical condition or treatment.

What home remedies have you used to help with mastitis?


  1. I don’t have any other remedies, but cabbage was great for me in the beginning when my milk was just coming in. My mid-wife told me to use it to prevent engorgement at the beginning. No engorgement here. It worked great! It didn’t create too little a supply issue either.

  2. Cabbage is what I used when I lost 2 of my babies, each around 20 weeks (of course my milk still came in after they were born). It worked great to dry up my supply 🙂

  3. Love your blog. As for mastitis. I have stopped it many times (I have 4 children) with painting the hot area of my breast with iodine. Eat raw garlic. Check out this blog post… Also, drinking a mothers milk tea like this one. Getting lots of rest is also important.

  4. Could you give me a little more detail? Green cabbage and just remove leaves and insert in bra? did you mash them or anything? This is really amazing thank you!

  5. Love the picture.

    As I type this I’m working on my fourth round of mastitis with an (almost) 3 month old. I produce so much milk (feed my babe and pump about 15-20 extra ounces a day for relief). My first round of mastitis came Christmas Even morning and was so bad my midwife got me on antibiotics fearful I would have to have surgery… thankfully these last couple of rounds I could tell it was coming and used the cabbage leaves and lots of pumping to help relieve. (I certainly HATE taking antibiotics.)

    I’ve noticed I’m more likely to get mastitis when my sleep suffers and I’m eating too many sweets (instead of green leafy goodness). Guess I’ll have to get my greens in my bra! Ha!

    Thanks for your post.

  6. donielle says:

    This post may help a bit too:

    I found that for me it was because my body was so run down and I was eating foods (sugar) that suppressed my immune system. Hope you feel better soon!!