Cleaning the Bathroom in Seconds per Day

Week 2 - Bathroom Cleaning Looms Over MeBlocking out a solid hour from my schedule to wipe, scrub, sweep, and dust my bathroom just ain’t happening these days.  And, let’s face it, even when I do have the time, it’s not one of my favorite hobbies.

One night, after washing my face, I stood there with my wet washcloth and had an epiphany.  I reached out and wiped down the counter.  No more dust or stray hair!  Then I wiped out the sink.  No more colorful kiddie toothpaste blobs!  It all took about 15 seconds (I mean, I did have to move the Kleenex box and all), and I tossed the washcloth in the laundry basket and went to bed.

The next night I tackled the mirror.  Windex would have you believe that they are the only way to achieve a streakless shine, but I protest!  A wet washcloth, followed by a dry hand towel worked just fine for me.  Not that I would have minded a few streaks; that still would have been more attractive than the handprints that dominated previously.

The following  night I already had a plan in motion: the floor perimeter.  Most dust/hair/debris doesn’t stay in the middle of the floor, but gets blown to the outside.  After washing my face, I got down on my knees and swiped along the trim.  Granted, we have a small bathroom, but it only took seconds!

And like that, I had cleaned everything in the bathroom in less than a minute of combined work time, save the toilet and shower.

Thankfully, we have a water softener, so I don’t have to clean either one of those more often than every six months.  But I imagine wiping down the shower once a week with your washcloth would help with soap scum and build-up issues.

My favorite part of my new cleaning routine is the lack of CHEMICALS.

Water + washcloth.  Nah, my favorite part is probably how quickly it gets done.  But my second favorite?  The lack of CHEMICALS.

Do you have a Bathroom Cleaning Routine?  A schedule?  A favorite all-natural cleaner?  (I’m all ears for anyone with a natural rust-remover.  Not that we ever need one.  We never let the water softener run out of salt…)


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  1. Great stuff. The tub and shower are just as easy with a scrubbie kept in there and a small section each night after showering.

  2. baking soda for the tub- it works so well Ican scrub the entire tub shiny clean in seconds!

  3. I have to saturate my daughter’s hair in coconut oil each evening and the bathtub is the only place where I can contain her for enough time to get the job done… unfortunately, this means LOTS of grease in the tub. I have found that simply squirting a bit of “green” dish soap in the tub and letting it sit overnight helps cut some of the grease and then following daily with homemade shower spray made with alcohol and dish detergent works wonders!
    I have also been known to throw denture cleaning tablets in the toilet overnight to help make cleaning the bowl easier in the morning. Simple cleaning each day makes the job less overwhelming!

    • @JanaC2, Denture cleaning tablets in the toilet! Genius! I’ve found that because our water is so soft, I don’t even need a cleaner for my toilet most times! I just swipe it with a toilet brush and flush! Gosh! I sure! am! happy! about bathroom cleaning! (Sorry for the excessive !’s)

  4. I use a spray bottle of vinegar and an old spice container full of baking soda for the tub/shower. spray, sprinkle wipe rinse. sure it takes longer than a wet wash cloth, but it also scrubs out all the yuckies better.

    • @Jes, I do the same – except I use an old parmesean cheese container for my baking soda. 🙂 Works great!

  5. I love how easy this is….I think I’ll give it a try!

  6. I tend to use baby wipes….the little bit of oil in them gets the walls, baseboard and floors clean super easy…they clean the toilet and sinks great too because I dont like the thought of my toilet yuck on anything that isnt disposable!!

  7. Hmm… that is do-able ;o) The bathroom is one task (one of many…) that I always seem to put off until it’s about to be condemned by the health dept. But you’re totally right, I’m over complicating it, and I just need to do a little wipe down each night! LOL
    BTW- I’m a HUGE fan of the Shaklee cleaning products! They have a concentrated product that I use for just about every surface in my house ;o) Totally natural and beyond simple!

    • @Shannon, I’m so glad I’m not the only one that puts off the bathroom, I just never think I have time to clean it all! Actually, maybe I should just have company over more often…… always gets cleaned then.

      • @Donielle,
        Too true!!! “Quick they’re pulling in the driveway!! Where’s the toilet scrubber!?!”

        Its just so easy to close the bathroom door and forget about the mess… ugh

  8. I agree–washcloths clean glass so much better than paper towels! I’m too germophobic to swipe the bathroom without chemicals, though; I do the same constant upkeep you noted, but with my beloved antibac spray.

  9. @Jes, I love the old spice container idea! I keep those just because I’m part hoarder. Glad at least one of them has a use now! 🙂

  10. @Beth, “I don’t like the thought of my toilet yuck on anything that isn’t disposable” Haha, I used to be that way, but I have a lot more faith in the washing machine since starting cloth diapers! I just make sure I don’t wipe anything after the toilet, though. It goes straight in the laundry bin!

  11. @Shannon, I’ve heard about Shaklee forever now! But I keep saying, “Let me use up what I have first.” And as I barely ever use an actual “cleaner”, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon!

  12. My kids are 5 & 2 and I put them in the shower with a bowl of baking soda, sponges and a scrub brush. They get clean, I have some quiet time and my shower gets clean in the process. They wont even takes baths now. All I have to do is scrub where they can’t reach.

  13. SomeBunny says:

    If you switch that to a microfiber cloth, you would be golden. They actually capture 99% of the germs, whereas washclothes just make the surface look better. I am all for lack of chemicals too! I recommend the Act Natural microfiber clothes. They have actually been tested and confirmed to remove germs effectively. They also have dry and wet mops. Just add water! I got an idea online recently to use the mop in the shower. I have yet to try it, but it sounds great!

  14. SomeBunny says:

    I know a lot of people rave about Shaklee products but I was not impressed, especially with how pushy the sellers are and the prices! I clean my house mostly with baking soda, vinegar and water. I found online you can use half the recommended amount of a safe laundry detergant, 1/2c baking soda & 1/2c white vinegar. Have the 2nd rinse on and put another 1/2c vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. The baking soda and vinegar in the wash cause an oxygen effect and the vinegar in the rinse helps to more effectively rinse out the soap, soften the laundry naturally wo chemicals and helps reduce static. The use wool dryer balls in the dryer, six for large loads. Imagine, never having to buy fabric softener ever again! I do safe dish liquid for handwashing dishes with a dash of baking soda and and splash of vinegar. Have a spray bottle w vinegar and one hydrogen peroxide. Spray one and then the other on fruits and veggies for a minute to remove germs and help remove pesticides. Then rinse w water. You can also you the same method on any hard surface to clean germs. Quick, easy and natural! But if you prefer just use a microfiber cloth on hard surfaces w just water. But never use anything but water w the microfiber clothes as it will ruin them. Also, when you launder them never ever use fabric softener and just air dry them. Put in an empty spray bottle, half filtered water, half white vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice or lemon oil. Mark it 50/50. Its your quick and easy surface cleaner! My go to cleaner! If you want your hard floors super clean for crawling babies, get one of those floor steamers like the Shark steam pocket mop. Its just steamed water to clean floors! No chemicals! For windows and mirrors mix up 1c rubbing alcohol, 1c filtered water & 2tbsp white vinegar in an empty spray bottle. Mark it Glass Cleaner and write the ingredients on the bottle, so you can easy refill wo looking up your recipe. Go have your hubby take your children on an outing, gather your tools and cleaners, put on a pot of coffee and be Super Woman!! (: Then bask in your clean house! Grab a book, a candle and your fav relaxing music and go take a bubble bath (Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap -no chemicals please) w plain epsom salt to relax your muscles. (:

  15. SomeBunny says:

    For clogged drains, pour 1c baking soda, then pour 1c white vingar and let sit 30 mins, then pour hot water down to rinse.

    For a lemon fresh deodorizer, 1tsp. Baking soda, 1tsp lemon juice + 2c hot water in an empty spray bottle. Use as you would Febreeze, but no chemicals! Always make up fresh just prior to using.

    I don’t have a cleaning routine, but I need one!

  16. SomeBunny says:

    Ok, one more note. Small children make great dusters and surface cleaners. Give them a wet or dry microfiber cloth and let them go! Or have them clean what they can reach in the kitchen standing or on chairs w the 50/50 solution and paper towels (counters, dishwasher top and front, fridge front and sides, oven front), the window cleaner w paper towels standing on chairs for windows. Its a win-win for you and for them!