Earth Mama Angel Baby {review}

Once upon a time there didn’t seem to be any products on the market safe for use on babies, and I was ever so pleased to find the Earth Mama Angel Baby products when my son was young. I could read all of the ingredients and was always pleased with the product itself. back in January I met up with a couple of the EMAB ladies at a blogging conference and they sent me home with some review products for me to hand out to my contributors.

Body Butter – Amy

natural living momsI was lucky enough to try out the Earth Mama Body Butter. Being 7 mos pregnant I am reaching that point where your skin starts to get really stretched out and itchy. I have to say I am not much of a lotion girl these days. I used to be that girl with every scent of lotion and body butter from the mall stores, but as I learned more about what was in them I started looking for more natural options. Ultimately I ended up just using straight coconut or jojoba oil and have been for the last year or so. That being said this body butter really seemed to soothe my itchy skin and last all day, which kind of surprised me because it’s very light and not greasy at all. It has a really mellow fresh scent with a citrus background that seems like it would be welcoming to even the most sensitive pregnant nose. Overall I really liked the product, I would be interested to see how effective it was in the really dry winter months because like I said, it’s so light, but for now it definitely did the trick for my itchy growing belly.

{This product carries a 0 rating on the cosmetic database}


Happy Feet Soak – Shannon

I was so excited to find out that we get to do a review of EMAB products! I’m already a huge fan! I got to review their Happy Feet foot soak. My feet are happy and I was surprised to read on the label that some of the herbs in this have anti-fungal properties! A couple of my kids have itchy athletes foot and I haven’t tried it with them yet, but I keep meaning to. I’m not a huge fan of putting an OTC anti-fungul cream on my little ones, so this will be the perfect alternative. But while I wait for them to sit still long enough to soak their feet, I had to try this out for myself. And now, I’m in love… I have a new favorite EMAB product! After I got all my monkies into bed (Yes! Even the baby gave me the night off!), I filled a little plastic tub with warm water, filled up then enclosed muslin bag with the Happy Feet blend and tossed it and my tired feet in. A little (…or not so little… it was a long day…) glass of Merlot and some Josh Grobin on the stereo, snugglin up next to my favorite guy made this the nicest evening I’ve had in a long time.

I also wanted to show a little love for my other EMAB favorite- The Earth Mama Body Butter rocks!! I’ve used it sporatically for a few years, but after baby number 4 my daughter told me my belly had ‘purple zebra stripes’. I had nasty deep purple stretch marks over my entire belly. At the begining of my pregnancy with #5, I began using the Body Butter religiously ever night. I noticed that it took care of my itchy skin as my belly grew. And after my baby was born, I was totally shocked to discover that my stretch marks were totally gone! Seriously no more deep purple marks, just flabby baby leftovers. 😉

{This product carries a 0 rating at the cosmetic database}


Natural Stretch Oil – Beth

natural living momsThe Earth Mama-Angel Baby “Natural Stretch Oil” is for growing bellies (and other growing areas) and says it will help deter stretch marks.  I already have been through three extra large babies stretching my belly so I am unable to keep track of my massive amounts of stretch marks.  So I can’t prove or disprove that point!

I used the oil on my belly, arms and hands.  It soaked in rather quickly for an oil, which is nice.  It did make my skin silky and soft right after I used it.  My 18 month old liked the little bottle it came in and loved that it pumped out, so he had silky skin as well :-).  I liked the lemony sent, it was very uplifting and fresh.  A lot of scents really bother me when I am pregnant and this one was pleasing to my hound dog like sniffer.

There are a lot of lotions, oils and the like made especially for growing pregnant women, so it is hard to choose.  I personally prefer lotions because they seem to absorb better but this oil changed my view.  This is something I would use and would buy for other expectant Moms.

I also had the pleasure to sample the Earth Mama-Angel Baby “Organic Morning Wellness Tea”.  It touts that it is for queasy Mamas, and while I am no longer a queasy Mama, I do love tea that is safe for me while prego!

I love holding my big red tea cup with both hands, and feeling the warmth and then sniffing my tea.  Yes, I know, a little weird but it makes me happy!  This tea has a minty smell and also reminds me a little of green tea.

Once I take my first sip I realize that this tea is a weak flavored tea, all I could taste was a hint of mint.  I personally prefer stronger flavors in my tea.  I have to imagine that Earth Mama-Angel Baby was trying to keep the flavors soft because they are promoting this tea for queasy Mamas.

I enjoyed my cup of tea, and started my day off on a good relaxing step, which is the whole point of a good cup of tea, right?!

{This product carries a 0 rating on the cosmetic database}


Angel Baby Bottom Balm – Jess

I was recently sent a jar of Earth Mama Angel Baby ‘Angel Baby Bottom Balm to review.  I first looked at the jar wondering how I’m going to review something that’s supposed to go on a baby’s bum when i don’t have a diapered baby bum to put it on. I was then pleasantly surprised to read that it is also labeled as a First Aid Salve. I’ve had some of that on my list to get for, um, 4 years; so it would be an understatement if I said I was excited to try (read: waiting for the 2 year old crash wonder to take his next spill so that I could try it out).

When said spill happened I was ready to go with this salve. I was first put off by the strong scent, but actually came to like it. My husband loves it and was once spotted sniffing it and reminiscing about times when his mother came to his aid. The munchkins didn’t seem to mind it at all. The texture was nice, not too greasy. Over the course of three days I felt that it was useful to relieve sunburn, lessen the severity of a bruise and to soothe one of superman’s scraped knees. All in all I’m glad to have been able to try it and think it will be a staple in my bathroom cupboard from now on; baby bum to put it on or not.

{This product carries a 0 rating on the cosmetic database}


Happy Mama Body Wash – Tarra

natural living momI was given the Organic Monthly Comfort Tea, and the Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash to use and review. I have good things to say about both. As for the tea, it has a good flavor. Being I was only given one bag I cannot give indication as to whether it would truly offer comfort during my monthly cycle, but I can say that just sipping warm tea was a nice comfort in itself.

As for the wash, I really, REALLY, like it! The ginger, lime and pink grapefruit essential oils offer a refreshing scent, and are soothing to the skin. I tested it out while shaving my legs, which is when I have the most trouble with washes and soaps, as most leave my legs really dry following shaving. However, the Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash did not leave my skin feeling dry at all. I also used it to wash my younger girls hair and body, and it left them smelling clean and feeling soothed. It truly is a versatile wash that can be used for every shower/bath need!

{This product carries a 0 rating on the cosmetic database}


Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash – Donielle

Back in the day, I never had any issue with ingredients when buying personal care products. But once I realized how the chemicals in them could be affecting our bodies and our health, I tossed out most of the bottle in my bathroom. But the one that I was sad about was the baby body wash, since I never found a suitable natural alternative. I remember having so much fun the bath with all those bubbles! The fun hair do’s, the beards and mustache’s. I was just a bit bummed that my kids wouldn’t get to do the same. I’ve actually not bought bath products for my two little ones in the past few years other than the occasional bar of soap from the health food store.

My children are loving this shampoo and body wash from Earth Mama Angel Baby! The vanilla/citrus scent is to die for and a little bit goes a long way. My two year old daughter has that super fine baby hair going on yet, and her locks come out clean, yet really soft. My almost five year old son….well, he’s a natural boy – full of dirt and mud every time he goes outside! But yet he comes out of the tub squeaky clean as well. And to be honest, I’ve swiped it and brought it up to my bathroom too. It’s so lovely, it feels indulgent.

{This product carries a 0 rating on the cosmetic database}


Have you used the Earth Mama Angel Baby products before?


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  1. Absolutely love Earth Mama Angel Baby’s products. I have turned many a friend into a convert (especially for the bottom balm, that stuff works miracles!) because I always speak so highly of it. So glad to see you all love it as well! 🙂

  2. I used the bath herbs for regular baths after giving birth. I liked them a lot and would recommend them.

    I didn’t love the delivery method though – I found that it was a little messy and stuff always got in my tub, but I guess I’ll have to wait until next time around to find a solution to that. (Or maybe if they are reading this review and comments by the time I have my next they’ll have come out with “tea bag style” bath herbs!! That would be awesome!!) I was already adjusting to all sorts of things, that was one hassle that I wouldn’t mind not dealing with next time around.

  3. I used this stuff with all 3 of my kids and am going to use it when i get further along with this 4th child….I have no stretch marks and i give it credit for even saving my tatoo’s on my stomach…this stuff is awsome .