Eat Local Grand Rapids! {day one}

During the month of August I’m taking the Challenge to purchase only local foods for the month of August!

I’m all about trying category one: “Purchase ALL local foods. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, and produce along with any other pantry staples that are available in your area. You can use previously purchased non-local foods, but from here on out source out foods from within 100 miles of your home. Pantry staples (beans, flour, spices, etc) can be purchased only if needed and essential, but buy them from a locally owned store versus a national chain if possible.”

This won’t be easy at all, and already I’m wondering what I’ll do in a couple different circumstances, but I’m going to try my best to spend almost all of my grocery money locally and on farm fresh foods.

This morning we started out by peeling one of our last oranges to finish off the non-local fruits we still have in the house, and paired it with eggs from our own hens, and I had coffee with local cream (no sugar).
Eating up the last if our nonlocal fruit as we begin our #EatLocal challenge!

One issue I noticed with breakfast is that we love cheese. It’s like a food group in and of itself to my kids. And I have yet to find a locally produced cheese that they enjoy eating……So if you know of a great local source, please let me know!

We also went to the Hudsonville Farmers Market to pick up our loot for the week.
Stocked up on some local foods from the Hudsonville farmers market today! #eatlocal

  • beef and pepperoni from Creswick Farms,
  • potatoes, lettuce, carrots, peaches, and green beans from Larry’s farm market,
  • sweet corn and watermelon from Zanstra Farms, and
  • multi-colored peppers from Crossroad Farms

One veggie I didn’t pick up was broccoli, because I knew ours was starting to ripen in the backyard garden. And you know you’re up close and personal with your food when you find a worm in the wash water. Always wash your food before you eat it, even if it’s from your own organic garden.

Why you wash broccoli before you eat it. #extraprotein #eatlocal

Dinner tonight was a huge success, and deliciously tasty.

An all local dinner! #eatlocal #GR

Do you try to purchase a lot of local foods?

I hope you’ll join me in the challenge! You can choose from all local, mostly local, or local produce – but whether you take the challenge yourself or not, let’s support our local farmers (who have been working twice as hard due to our drought) and buy local.

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  1. You can get Farm country cheese at Nourish and I think Harvest Health too. It’s made in Michigan (in between GR and Mt. Pleasant) and has all the basic cheeses kids love!
    Check out their website at

  2. Yes – I just found some at the farmers market last week! Should have purchased more……. 🙂 Thanks for the tip!