Father’s Day Ideas, part two

Father’s Day 2008

Ahh, the day of all days to honor the Dad’s in our lives. Despite the fact that my love language is giving gifts I almost always find myself stumped over what to do for my dad and husband on the big day. Neither golf. They don’t fish. Neither are big sports fans. I’ve only seen my hubby in a tie a handful of times and my dad only once (my wedding).

So, what to do?

In attempt to avoid having to come up with the ‘perfect gift’ altogether, I usually procrastinate and end up scrambling around Sunday morning, coming up with an idea and tossing a sheet of paper and some markers at the kids to make a card. Motivated by the idea of “more information = less fear” I decided to plan ahead this year and share what I’ve found with you!

Here are 10 ideas for giving to the guys in your life – –

1. Is he a runner? For the larger budget a jogging stroller or the Nike + SportWatch GPS may be something to consider. For those on a more modest budget, give him a gift certificate towards a new pair of shoes or an apparel item.

2. In the spirit of always being prepared, why not a hand crank weather radio/flashlight/cell phone charger?

3. I know my dad and hubby like sweets. A lot. And I’m sure your’s do too. Willow and I are planning on making these Stout Cupcakes for my dad. Cupcake. Beer. Pretzels. Chocolate. Oh Yeah.

4. Maybe some of Maple Bacon Cupcakes for the hubby. Cupcake. Bacon. . . . oh, ok, you get the idea. Cupcakes are a GOOD idea! If you’re not feeling super creative or are short on time put together a cake mix, slap on some frosting, and let the kids decorate little flags to put on toothpicks to use as toppers. Wha la!

5. I’ve heard a time or two that a special beer makes a guy feel, well, special. Try a local variety from your c0-op or natural market.

6. And while we’re at it, why not a steak? I don’t know a man. . . well, ok, I do know one. . . that doesn’t salivate at the mention o f steak. Truth be told this is most often my default gift each Father’s Day. I think I’m going to go all fancy this year and try it this way.

7. Taking the handmade route, you may want to give the kids some fabric paint and let them go all Pollack on a ready made apron for the man of the house.

8. When I was a girl I remember my mom filling a wheel barrow FULL of my dad’s favorite adult beverage. He was one happy man. This year I thought I’d take my own spin on that idea; buy a wheel barrow and fill it full of his favorites that he rarely gets because of the junk food police (me). I’ll stock him up on Lucky Charms, M&M’s, steak seasoning/sauces, a bag or two of salt and pepper chips and a few other things.

Do you sense a theme here? Food. That’s where it’s at.

9. In an antique market a couple weeks ago I came across an old wildlife survival guide and a Boy Scouts of America guide book. I picked them up knowing that my husband would have a blast reliving his scouting days with the kids.

10. If your husband or father are of the comic addict variety, I suggest a subscription to the comic of their choice or give them tickets to see one of the 1,000,000,000 superhero movies gracing the theaters this summer. One year for Christmas I filled my husbands stockings with Yoohoo’s, a few comic books from his favorite series, and gift card for more and he was as giddy as a 7 year old.

This last bonus idea is for my dad. Or your dad. Netflix. I’ll say it again. Netflix. I don’t know about your dad, but mine could stare down a bear without flinching but stares wide eyed like a deer, petrified of the computer. I’ve heard him talk about ‘trying this new netflix mail service’ for well over 4 years. I’m planning on hooking him up with 6 months at first to see if he actually likes it and uses it.

An older woman from church once told me that “all it takes to make men happy is sex, food, and respect”. To that I’ll add: just enjoy them. For that day, laugh at their jokes, deal with their remarks without retorting back, give grace. Write them a letter, tell them things you don’t often say, feed them sweets, give them the drink of their choice, grill ’em a steak, and show them how much you sincerely care for them and are grateful for them in your life.

What are your Father’s Day plans?


  1. Thanks for the ideas. I would throw a warning out for the comic stuff. My husband is a real comic book guy and he HATES the movies that come out. There’s one company in particular (forget which one) that he says just destroys all his beloved comics, so if he loves the comics, he may not like the movies so much. My plans – eeek I’m not sure – I better get my act together!