Father’s Day Ideas, part one

photo credit: the cocoacakery

As a Daughter, Granddaughter and Wife I feel like I have a big responsibility with Father’s Day right around the corner.  I just bought, signed and stamped 7 Father’s Day cards (I am trying to plan ahead this year).  Now I have to decide which special guy do I celebrate this year, my loving Husband, my wonderful Dad or my sweet old Grandpa.  I am so over the “go out to eat” gig, I want to do something special.  So I set out on a search for something that will make the special men in my life feel as important as they should.

Here are my ideas.

  • Golfing, every guy loves golf right?  Well my Husband does and he would LOVE for us all to go golfing together.
  • Letters for Grandpa, I think it would be awesome for each child and grandchild to write a letter to Grandpa and we can present them in a nice folder or binder.
  • Game night, since guys tend to be gamers, we could invite over all the special guys and do a night of poker, apples to apples, guitar hero, or whatever their favorites are.
  • Craig’s Cruisers, this is an idea from my 13-year-old Son, but it is a good one. My Husband loves to drive the go carts and play laser tag.
  • Baseball game, going to a game is a very manly thing to do, and something I personally would never want to do, so it shows I really love them if we go!
  • DIY gifts, all parents and grandparents love gifts made by hand, so have your crafty kids make a baseball paperweight, a cool key chain or a bedazzled tool belt!


A couple of things going on locally in the Grand Rapids area  on Father’s Day weekend are:

The Walker festival is a fun, family friendly event and very friendly to your wallet as well.   Walker Festival

Field of Green festival is a fun event at the Blandford nature center, one of my favorite places! Field of Green Festival

All day with the arts, for only $3 at the GRAM – A day with the arts

The West Michigan Chalk Art Festival looks like it will be loads of fun for all! Chalk Festival

Here is the baseball game I was talking about, go support the Whitecaps.  Whitecaps game

All Dads get in free to the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, can’t beat free.  Childrens Museum


So make sure you treat your special guy to something a little different this year. What do you have planned so far?


  1. These are great ideas! We’re going to be on vacation for Father’s Day, so I’m kind of stuck, as most of these ideas would be perfect any other year, but would just blend into vacation this year. One good thing is that we’ll be spending the day with my dad, whom I don’t get to see very often and certainly not on Father’s Day. Still, the problem of what to get him/do for him…