{West MI} Child Food Sensitivities and Their Health

Tuesday night I was able to go see Kelly Dorfman, author of “What’s Eating Your Child?”, at our local Schuler Books. And while I’ve heard a lot of the information before she had some amazing statistics regarding how what a child eats can affect the way that child behaves, or the illnesses they chronically deal with.

It was mentioned that the problem with foods can be two-fold:

  1. Foods in the diet are causing the body to react certain ways.
  2. Something (a nutrient) is missing from the diet causing health problems.

She spoke on both of these issues as well as gave examples of how they show up in kids.

For the “reactionary” foods, she brought up ear infections, saying that 90% of recurrent ear infections are caused by food allergies or reactions to food & can be prevented through a change in diet. There is also a correlation between these ear infections and frequent colds and asthma, as well as problems with ADD as the child ages (due to not learning how to process sounds correctly).

The biggest two contributors to ear infections? Dairy and soy. And she also mentioned that a lot of times parents DO take the kids off milk to see if it helps, but unfortunately they put them on soy milk instead which causes the issue to remain.

{so if your child is struggling with chronic ear infections, check out her book, but also take your child off of any type of milk (cow, goat, soy) and make sure the foods they’re eating are free of both of these triggers as well}

Anxiety and behavioral issues were also brought up in the “what’s missing” category.

“Our brains are 60-70% fat, and the fat that’s so important is from fish called EPA.”

During the Q and A GMO’s were brought up and I was astounded at the stats she quoted!

“Allergies are linked to GMOs as they cause an increase in the allergy response in the body”

“Peanut allergies have increased at a rate of 20% per year since GMOs have been introduced in the US. This is most likely due to the fact that about 90% of the soy produced in America is genetically modified and soy and peanuts come from the same family”.

“Prenatal vitamins often times have too much iron – too much iron prevents zinc absorption. A deficiency in zinc can lead to picky eaters as it causes flavors to be enhanced and altered”

“Crackers are the road to perdition.”

It was definitely an interesting talk and I’m currently working my way through her book. I just wish information like this was more well known, I have a feeling that there are many children out there who needlessly suffer chronic illness, surgeries, and medications.

90% of recurrent ear infections are caused by food allergies or reactions to food & can be prevented.

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  1. Sounds like a great event. Sorry I had to miss it. It’s funny because I was soooo strict about food when my son was beginning solds (around 1 year) and I knew all these things. I’ve done a lot to loosen up and find it difficult to go back to some stricter standards. I am having a hard time because you know what, cheese slices and crackers are an easy snack! Has anyone else had a hard time getting “back on track?”

  2. Yes Emily!!! I too was very strict with my first child, a little less with my second……..and 13 years later you would think I didnt know anything 🙂 I feel like I need to do a whole house overhall….I am going to go get this book!