Green Pastures Dairy introduces raw milk delivery locations!

I know many of you have to make the decision on whether or not to join a raw milk cow share due to where you live, and the driving that would need to happen once a week to pick up your milk.

Farms aren’t quite located in the midst of where we run our errands, are they?

Green Pastures, the cow share program out in Coopersville, MI is now setting up locations for milk delivery.

1. Grand Rapids, near Fuller and Franklin, Mondays

2. Ada, near Fulton and 1-96, Mondays

3. Comstock Park/North Side – 2 locations: Ellsmere NE and Division North in Comstock Park, Mondays

4. Muskegon, near Sheridan and MacAtrthur, across from Orchard View High School, Tuesdays

5. Holland, looking for a central location, Tuesdays

6. Jenison, near Cottonwood and Baldwin, Tuesdays

7. Grand Haven/Spring Lake, Tuesdays

8. Cutlerville, near Kalamazoo and M-6, Mondays

So if you’ve thought of joining before, to enjoy the benefits and great taste of farm fresh milk, but needed to find it closer to home, you can contact Betsy at migreenpastures AT for information.

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  1. Thank you so much Donielle!

  2. So, we drink non-homogenized milk. What’s the benefit of raw over it?

    • donielle says:

      There are a couple of benefits I can think of off hand, one is that the live enzymes are not destroyed through the process of pasteurization. This helps the milk to be digested easier, the nutrients absorbed more readily, and many times the lactose is no longer and issue for those who are lactose intolerant. (my husband used to be lactose intolerant before we switched to farm fresh milk) In the process of heating, the protein structure is also changed (which happens to all of our food that we cook) and there are also other vitamins in the milk that are damaged due to the heat, which can make fresh milk higher in nutrients.

      The biggest benefit I find buying milk fresh from the farm, is that you can see the cows and how they are raised. I know Green Pastures raises their cows on grass, which adds extra nutrients in the milk. You can also talk directly to the farmer and make sure the cows are healthy and treated well. I love going to my farm share every week and seeing the cows out enjoying the sun! 🙂