How to Make Elderberry Syrup

elderberry syrup
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Guest post by Mel.

Last week my friend Sarah called asking me if I could make her some homemade elderberry syrup. Both of her children were sick with bad coughs and she thought she was coming down with it as well. She mentioned that the jar I made her last year worked miracles for their coughs and she needed some more. I dropped off a batch to her that afternoon and yet again the syrup helped them tremendously.

Since starting to make elderberry syrup a couple of years ago for myself, and eventually for some friends and family, I have gotten some rave reviews.

It really does make a tremendous difference!

So what makes elderberry syrup so powerful? Elderberries are a great flu preventative and also an excellent treatment. They contain high amounts of Vitamins A and C as well as powerful antioxidants. It’s antiviral properties help stop the flu from entering your body and from spreading throughout. This simply, easy home remedy is a must have during cold and flu season!

In order to make elderberry syrup you only need 3 things:

  • elderberries,
  • filtered water, and
  • honey.

I purchase dried elderberries through Mountain Rose Herbsonline. If you need some in a pinch you could call Harvest Health Foods or another local health food store to see if they have any in stock.


Method of Preparation:

1. In a saucepan combine 3 cups filtered water and ½ cup dried elderberries.

2. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat stirring frequently.

3. Let simmer for half an hour and then remove from heat.

4. Mash berries and then strain through a mesh strainer.

5. Add a ½ to a whole cup of honey, depending on how sweet you want it.

6. Store in glass mason jars in the fridge for up to 3 months.

You can take some once daily as a flu preventative or take a few times a day when sick. This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled.



You can use elderberry syrup on your pancakes or ice cream – a great way to get some good health benefits while eating foods you love! Baking with the dried elderberries is another easy way to add them to your diet.

Adding lemon juice, rose hips, cinnamon, and/or other herbs can also add to the medicinal benefits of the elderberry syrup.

Mel has a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Cornerstone University and is just about finished with a Family Herbalist Certification from Vintage Remedies. She enjoys studying nutrition and herbs in her spare time. As a stay-at-home mother of two she spends her days reading, homeschooling, cleaning, and cooking nutritious meals. Eventually her and her husband hope to buy a property to homestead.

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Donielle is a natural momma of two, lover of real foods, and owner and editor of Grand Rapids Natural Living and Naturally Knocked Up. You can usually find her in the kitchen whipping up some nourishing foods, cuddled on the couch reading books to the littles, avoiding the laundry and Mt. Saint Dishes, or tapping away on the laptop. Her husband puts up with her sometimes crazy "hippie" ways, but loves her regardless. Welcome to my home away from home.


  1. Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been thinking about making some for a couple years, but never got around to harvesting the berries. I appreciate a recipe without alcohol too, since we avoid consuming alcohol in our household. I will definitely try this one!

  2. Elder & Sage on Fulton Street in Grand Rapids carries Organic Elder Berries at a great price!

  3. I got my berries from Harvest Health. I love making my own syrup, it is so much less expensive than buying already prepared syrup! I got a half pound of berries for $7 and it lasted me a whole year’s worth of syrup. I need to get more berries so I’m prepared!