How You Can Save 20 Trees on this Earth Day

Earth Day is soon approaching us and we are encouraged by many to plant a tree, walk to a destination instead of driving, and recycle a can or two.

But how about saving 20 trees, 60 pounds of chlorine and 420 gallons of petroleum?

That is the consumption of one baby in disposable diapers from birth to potty training.

Now let’s talk about landfill waste – disposable diapers take anywhere from 200-500 years to decompose and they also contain raw human sewage that over time can leak into our ground, leading to contamination of our water systems.

But what a leap it is to decide that you will no longer just toss a dirty diaper in to a trash can, but now you must flush the poop down the toilet. Did you know that you are supposed to flush the poop away even when using a disposable diaper? It says so right on most packages, yet less than 1% of parents actually do this.

cloth diapers

Are you convinced yet that you need to try cloth? If you are teetering which way to go you should know how easy, cute, hip and cost effective they really are. BumGenius, Bummis, FuzziBunz and Smart bottoms, who would not want these on their little ones butt?

There is a cloth diapering system to fit any budget and every lifestyle.

Cloth wipes are another way to lean toward the greener side of Earth Day, with an investment of under $50 you can say goodbye to wasteful wipes that contain alcohol that dries baby skin out and preservatives that allow them an extended shelf life. Cloth wipes are soft and super cute and allow for a savings on your wallet of about $700. Just wash and dry in your washing machine with your cloth diapers and you will not have to worry about ever running out to the store in the middle of nap time again!

cloth diapers

So as we countdown to a day where we celebrate this earth and all things green, consider making a lifestyle change that will benefit your wallet, the health of your baby and this home we call earth. Change does not come easy to some and yes you will have some hurdles when making a switch to cloth or deciding on cloth for your newborn, but no one said natural parenting would be easy. In a society where we value convenience over quality of a product it takes some self confidence to declare your natural love and stick to it!

Happy Earth Day and happy cloth diapering!


Candis DeBoer is a cloth diaper lover who not only uses cloth diapers but tries to pass her love of cloth on to other natural living parents in her store, EcoBuns, located in Holland,MI. 

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