Inside the lunchbox {11.7.12}

healthy school lunches

My son currently goes to a full day homeschool program once per week, which means that he needs to bring a lunch. On his way home the very first day he was already commenting that “Other kids had COOKIES Mom!”

Since cookies are a rare treat in our house, it was a bit of a surprise for him and has lead to only a couple of discussions on why we don’t eat a lot of sugary products.

And since I about go out of my mind when my kids are hopped up on sweets, it’s not something I want to make his teacher go through either!

We’re also gluten free, so no sandwiches – sometimes we have to get a bit creative. Another issue we seem to be having is that I grocery shop after I drop him off on Wednesdays… Tuesday nights when we pack his lunch the fridge is a bit empty.

This week we packed yogurt (usually I don’t buy small containers, but it was a special treat), cheese stick, carrots, grapes, a pancake sandwich, and an Honest Kids drink.

What do you pack in your kids lunchbox? (or what do you serve for lunch at home?)

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  1. Looks good! I don’t have to pack lunches yet. I’m sure it’ll be tough not to be able to “cook” lunch for my kids. At least my kids are used to eating cold leftovers (sometimes I just don’t have time to warm it :P), so I’ll probably continue to put that in their lunches even at school. It shouldn’t take much to fill my daughter’s lunch…she probably couldn’t even eat half of what you packed for you son 😛 She’s very slow at eating and doesn’t eat a lot at once.

    Some lunch favorites – leftover salmon cakes/tuna cakes w/ homemade tartar sauce, chicken nuggets w/ homemade honey mustard, leftover cooked vegetables, chicken noodle soup w/ homemade noodles, cup of broth with a straw, various flavors of homemade yogurt (lemon, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, apple cinnamon, vanilla), “milkshakes” (raw milk, honey/maple syrup, frozen fruit or cocoa powder, avocado, egg yolks), cheese, homemade graham crackers /w peanut butter or almond butter, grilled cheese (w/ various kinds of cheeses).

  2. I love the chicken nugget idea! I have a roast chicken for this weekend, I’ll have to make some nuggets out of the left overs for next week.