Kid Friendly Gluten Free {menu plan}

We went gluten free as a family last summer due to finding out my husband has an intolerance to foods containing gluten and one of the biggest sanity and money savers has been to plan out our meals. Not only does this give me a schedule to work off of so I’m not scrambling at 5PM, I can also make sure I get exactly what I need from the grocery store.

We don’t do a lot with wheat substitutes, focusing instead on foods that are naturally gluten free.

Breakfast – omelets, steamed broccoli, fresh orange/carrot juice (both were on the reduced shelf, otherwise we normally don’t make fresh juice)
Lunch –  cut veggies and dip, fruit, raw cheddar cheese
Dinner – roast chicken, asparagus, acorn squash

Breakfast – soaked oatmeal
Lunch – GF pancake “PB&J”, steamed broccoli
Dinner – salmon patties, baked sweet potatoes, green beans

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese, fruit
Lunch – beef patties, steamed veggies
Dinner – mexican chicken soup (w/ leftover roast chicken)

Breakfast – homemade yogurt and fruit
Lunch – salad
Dinner – omelets, fruit salad, hashbrowns

Breakfast – GF pancakes, smoothies
Lunch – deviled eggs, cut veggies, yogurt
Dinner – chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, broccoli

Breakfast – scrambled eggs and homemade sausage
Lunch – weekly outing
Dinner – homemade GF pizza

Breakfast – fried eggs, smoothies
Lunch – leftovers
Dinner – tacos, rice


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  1. I have been eating gf for 4 years. I was really missing the baked goods so my husband started making me gf treats. Though they have sugar, it is organic sugar, organic eggs and organic milk. We decided to start our own bake shop from home and provide people with some delicious gf treats. Our local drive thru coffee shops starts selling our products tomorrow. We took a lemon and made lemonade. We eat mostly naturally gf too, but I do enjoy a gf bagel and gf pasta every once in a while. For our soups we just don’t add any noodles, just meat and veggies.

  2. Gluten is one of the few things that my family CAN eat so we don’t cook all gluten-free, but I think it’s important to vary the grains in our diet. We eat like brown rice and eat a TON of oatmeal, but one of our family favorites is homemade whole wheat pizza. I make the dough and top it 4 different ways: vegan for the little one, plain cheese for the big brother, meat lover for dad and pesto/veggie for mom. It doesn’t take much longer than take-out and I know everyone is getting a “safe” meal they love!

  3. I love this! Thanks for so many great ideas for GF meals. We aren’t totally GF, but we have reduced our intake quite a bit and I’d like to do more so this helps. My kids love PB&J sandwiches made with GF pancakes too!