A Few Of My Favorite Books

I love, I mean LOVE to read good books. I am obsessed with educational books (non-fiction) I will devour any and all subject matter.  My husband laughs at me because if I am reading a really good book I literally can not put it down, I have to finish it in record time.  I love to learn new ways to eat, parent, stay healthy, care for my family, organize, etc…  Sometimes it is hard to decide what books are worth spending my precious time on though.  I thought a list of some of my favorite books for us Natural Moms would be helpful!  I have the two most important subjects, to me, below, Marriage and Parenting, without a good foundation in these two areas of my life the rest doesn’t really go well anyways.


If you had all the free time in the world I still don’t think you would have time to read half of the parenting books that are available!  Everyone has an idea about how to raise your kid.  I remember when I was pregnant with my first (and had free time because I had no other kids) I read dozens of parenting books!  Yikes! I was so confused by the time he was born, I felt like I was always doing something wrong and I was for sure he was going to turn in to an axe murderer if I didn’t follow all the rules from the books.  Luckily he has turned out to be a great kid and at the age of 14 he is not an axe murderer!  I did not follow all the rules from those books, but I did take some good ideas and they helped me out over the last 14 years, raising all my kiddos.

The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two, Sears

The Five Love Languages (for kids), Chapman

Parenting With Love and Logic, Cline/Fay


Marriage can be a difficult thing to navigate if you don’t have good role models to follow.  My Husband’s parents and my parents are both divorced and we did not want to follow down that path.  Since over 50% of marriages end in divorce we knew we would need some good information to prevent being part of that statistic.  We personally rely on God for our guidance so some of these books do have a biblical basis, but even if you are not a Christian these books have great information!

Intended for Pleasure, Wheat

Love Life for Every Married Couple, Wheat

Personality Plus for Couples,Littauer

Like I said I have oodles of favorite books, these are just a few of them!  It is so hard to only pick a few because I usually take a little something from each book (and forget the stuff that doesn’t mesh well with me) but the books here are chuck full of goodies so that is why they made the top of the list!

Tell me what your favorites are………..


  1. I often review books at Echoing Footsteps – and recently wrote a post about some I’d read this summer.


    On the topic of parenting I read Gospel Powered Parenting by Farley – which was superb. I’ve also enjoyed Intended for Pleasure.

    I’m a big fiction reader – here are some of my favorites: A Tale of Two Cities, Dickens; Bleak House, Dickens; Persuasion, Austen; Paradise Lost, Milton; Count of Monte Cristo, Dumas.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love to read on a variety of topics, and read a whole bunch of books! Some of my favorites….
    Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers to remind me that God’s love is boundless, no matter my shortcomings or sins. Things we couldn’t say by Diet Emans. This book tells me that real people can do brave things and they are not perfect when they do them (the story of a young woman who was part of the Resistance in Holland during WW2), The Harvester by Gene Stratton Porter is another favorite of mine as I feel like it is a wonderful story of sacrifice for true love.

    I could go on and on about books though as I love them!