My first experience with yoga

a guest post by Mary.

I am not super flexible.

I am not meditative.

I am not an easy-going person.

I’ve been playing soccer since junior high, through college and into adulthood. I love to run, be active and stay busy. But I am also a worn out mother of two that needs some rest and rejuvenation. Many days lately exercise feels more like a chore than a joy and that it could actually be doing more harm than good.

So recently I decided I need a change.

I need to challenge my mind and body in a new way instead of doing the same routine day after day. I need a new approach to fitness and taking care of myself.

Coincidentally a few weeks ago I heard of a new yoga studio (PeaceLabYoga) opening just down the road in Grandville. I’ve always been curious about yoga. But being such an “athlete” I always wondered how doing a few stretches could keep you in shape, so I never tried it.

grandville mi yoga

I really know nothing about yoga, except that it seems like everyone that practices loves it. So apprehensions aside I decided to go for it.

Two weeks ago I took my first yoga class at PeaceLab Yoga with the amazing instructor Melanie McQuown.

Before the first class I was very nervous. I had no idea what I was doing so the beginner class was perfect for me. Melanie explains things very well and is very patient. Her assistant Kirsten is excellent as well.

There is no pressure and you don’t need any experience. By the second class (just a few days later) I was hooked. Yoga is a new experience for me.

It is challenging my body in new ways and I love how I feel during and afterwards. Although it is physically challenging it is also very calming. I found myself actually getting sleepy a few times! I guess that will happen when an overtired mother of young children gets a few minutes of quiet and relaxation.

I have only taken a few classes so far, but I love it!

grandville mi yoga

I am excited to see how practicing yoga will impact my physical health, my fitness and my overall well being over time.

When it comes to staying healthy and fit it is important to do a variety of activities to work all parts of your body. If you’ve never tried yoga I strongly encourage you to do so. I was skeptical for years. But after just a few classes I can already see how beneficial this will be for me. I am excited to strengthen my core and improve my posture. As someone that has struggled with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder for years I am hoping it will also have a positive impact on my mental health as well.

If you live in the West Michigan area I recommend visiting PeaceLab Yoga. Melanie McQuown, the owner, is a wonderful woman with a gentle spirit and a heart for building community. I felt very welcomed and at ease from the moment I stepped into the studio. I don’t know how often I will be able to take classes, but I will look forward to it each time I can.

A little escape from the chaos of daily life, a time to refocus and balance, a chance to take a little time for myself, an opportunity to get in shape and challenge my body in new ways – that is my first experience with yoga.

I hope that it will be a life long journey to continue this process and learn what more yoga has to offer.


Do you enjoy yoga?


Mary Voogt is a follower of Christ, a wife, and a mother of two. After 6 years as an electrical engineer she now stays home full time. She is passionate about real food and enjoys spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking and baking from scratch. She blogs at Homemade Dutch Apple Pie on a variety of topics including digestive issues, OCD, anxiety, infertility, natural parenting and healthy food.


  1. Yay for trying yoga and for sharing your opinion about it. Take it from a “not” very flexible instructor & mom, that yoga is awesome for the mind, body & spirit. Plus you meet so many cool people along the way. The world is definitely a better place with more yogis in it.

    Way to Mel for following your passion and making PeaceLab Yoga happen.

  2. Hooray for you! 😀 I to am an athlete and I too LOVE yoga. PeaceLab is a wonderful place I hope to see you there sometime soon!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I play basketball, run, and generally enjoy being active but yoga? It’s good for what ails you! I wasn’t sure about it either the first time, but I’ve been going regularly for almost a year and now I go out of my way NOT to miss it.

  4. Thanks. I’m so glad I tried it!

  5. Julie Hurley says:

    I’ve taken a few classes and always enjoyed it. Never stuck with it because of the price. I do yoga once a week as part of P90X2 and it makes a HUGE difference in my flexibility and recovery.

  6. @Juile – I need to get some good DVDs so I can do it at home sometimes. Do you have any good ones (aside from P90X) that you like?


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