My Six. What’s Yours?

I’ve written before about my struggle to find my place, my roots, in the city I live in.

In highschool I was doing everything I could to get out, checking out colleges out of state, or at the very least a few hours away. I was claustrophobic, looking to spread my wings. And as soon as those wings began to fly, I fell in love and settled down. We’ve officially only crossed state lines maybe three times in the ten years since we’ve been married.

I’ve often dreamed of leaving this place behind, starting new somewhere more….exciting. Somewhere where the grass was greener. My roots weren’t yet planted, and even in the beginning years of my life as a mom, I felt like my life in the area was just temporary. I couldn’t seem to find my “place”.

It took me awhile to find people I felt like I belonged with and who shared my beliefs on life, family, and faith. And now that I’m here, in this season of life, I’m planted.

My roots are growing deep and I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be, raising my family.

Grand Rapids has so much to offer for people like me; sustainable foods, midwives and doulas, support groups, and local businesses.

Six Words

PhotobucketI write a lot, most days in fact. So six words seems easy, yet trying to convey my feelings about what Grand Rapids means to me, or what I feel it has to offer, in only that – yikes. That’s hard!

MyGR6 is this amazing campaign that Jenn of Big Binder sent my way. It was introduced at the Fourth of July Fireworks by Mayor George Heartwell. The campaign, sponsored by Amway and Grand Rapids Press, was designed to inspire people to show their pride for Grand Rapids. In only six words.

And you can win awesome prizes by entering your own 6.

Like seriously awesome.

We’re talking SIX people will win a prize package worth over $10,000!! It includes memberships to the zoo, museums, the gardens, overnight stays at local hotels, sports tickets, and gift cards galore. These winners will also have their six showcased on billboards around the city – this is a great way to share the news on our favorite parts of what the city offers.


My Six

Growing, raising, and nourishing our families.

Your Turn

  • Head to to enter your own six! Let’s let everyone know what Grand Rapids has to offer.
  • Check out the Interactive MyGR6 Exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum – it opened September 10 (admission to the museum is free during ArtPrize!) and runs through the end of the campaign, October 4.
  • Join me in a twitter party on September 20 from 8-9pm! Make sure you follow @BigBinderBlog (host of the MyGR6 Twitter Party) as well as @MyGR6. You can RSVP for the party and participate using the hashtag #MyGR6 for a chance win some fun prizes!

Make sure you enter your 6 at before October 4!!


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