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Hi there! This is Jenny, and I blog at The Southern Institute and Natural Birth and You, but I also guest every so often at Natural Living Moms.  When Donielle asked if I would like to review a product from Norwex, a happily accepted!  I had heard of Norwex products, but never had the chance to try any of them out.  Their catalog is just wonderful, and the chance to try one of the Norwex Enviro cloths was a great opportunity.

Norwex describes their Enviro cloths on their website:

From Norwex’s website

What intrigued me about these cloths was their ability to prevent cross-contamination.

How do they do this?

Norwex has developed a patented antibacterial silver-based agent that is embedded inside of the microfiber that they use to make their cloths.  The cloth is actually able to remove up to 99.9% of the bacteria on the surfaces that you clean with the cloth.  Not only that, but it inactivates the bacteria within 24 hours, meaning that the cloth cleans itself!  In the words of Norwex, “This means cleaner cloths, less frequent laundering and reduction in cross-contamination.”  Amazing!  This feature alone sold me.  There is peace of mind that comes with using a product that you know is really cleaning and not simply smearing germs and bacteria around your countertops and tables, which is where I have been using mine.  After preparing and cooking foods I wipe up with the cloth.  After meals I use it to wipe down the table.

These cloths are wonderful!  I would love to have more of them around the house.  The one I am using is 13″ x 13″, so it covers a lot of area.  It also comes in a smaller or larger size, according to your needs.  The cloths can be used dry as a dusting cloth, or wet to clean countertops and stoves, any surface really!
Norwex also has a host of other products, including a dusting mitt, car cloth, mop pads, bath towels for adults and children, bath robes, and household cleaners.  I would really like to try their dryer balls, eliminating the need for dryer sheets.  This is too cute too… The Kids Mop Package, for your little helper.
Norwex seems like a company that I could really get behind.  If you’re trying to live with less chemicals in your home, and less waste, I encourage you to look at Norwex products.  Thanks, Donielle for asking me to review the Enviro Cloth!
*The Norwex Enviro Cloth was given to me to review.  The opinions are my own, I received no further compensation.

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