Nourishing Ways Fundraiser {have a recipe? you can help!}

Here in West Michigan we have a very active chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation called Nourishing Ways. Each month they bring in speakers to talk about issues concerning our foods and our health. In fact, I recently spoke at one of the meetings a couple of months ago about the downside of our modern diet and how we can make simple changes to positively affect the health of our children. We’ve also had meetings on gardening, menu planning, and even “how-to” classes where we learn to use a whole pastured chicken and replace condiments. It’s a wonderful source of information and just as important – they advocate for our rights when it comes to having local, sustainable, organic, and grass-fed foods available in our area.

The internet is also a great thing, because if you have recipes at home using whole foods, you can help us raise some extra funds for this great organization!

I’ll be putting together some inexpensive recipe eBooks in order to help raise money for this organization, and your recipes are needed. So grab your recipe cards and sort out your favorite real food recipes to send in to be included in the book.


  • All recipes must be made with whole foods; no boxed mixes, no refined sugars, no hydrogenated fats.
  • Recipes must be original.
  • “Healthy Desserts”, “What to do with Raw Milk”, “Kid Friendly Meals and Snacks”, “Pancakes and Waffles”, “Veggie Dishes” (not specifically ‘vegetarian’ but dishes with either all vegetables or a large vegetable base as well as veggie sides), “Eggs” (and recipes heavily based on eggs) will be the first ebooks we’ll focus on, though you are free to link up other recipes as well.

Benefit to Bloggers

Any blogger is invited to participate! No matter your stance on diet or foods, if you have a whole foods recipe that you and your family love and you want to share, you’re invited to do so! By linking up you agree that Natural Living Moms may use your recipe verbatim in any of the recipe books meant for the Nourishing Ways fundraiser.

  • You’ll retain copyright of your recipe and each recipe you submit (and we use) will include a link back to your site and bio.
  • After the first week after the book is launched, we’ll also open up an affiliate program for those who contributed! This means that you’ll have the option to let your readers know about it and earn 25% for each book sold.

Non-bloggers can participate too! Just fill out the form below with your recipe and your name will be included with your recipe!

How this will work

Because this is your recipe we’re talking about, I want to make sure you know the in’s and out’s of what will be happening to the money these books will make. Both you and I will pool our recipes together and here at Natural Living Moms, we’ll decide which recipes make the cut. Once we get them all organized and hopefully tested (which you can also help with if you’d like!) they’ll be put into an eBook and offered for sale right here on this site. During the first week of sales all profits will go to Nourishing Ways! After the first week 50% of the profits will go to Nourishing Ways and affiliates have the opportunity to get 25% from each book they sell. Each book that is released will first benefit Nourishing Ways for a minimum of 6 months. After that at least 50% of the profits from each book will always be used to raise money for a non-profit organization. If at any time this changes, the authors of the recipes will be contacted to see if they want to continue to be included in the recipe book.

To Include Your Recipe

West Michigan Link-Up

Now for some other local fun! Natural Living Moms and Eat Local West Michigan will be hosting a weekly link-up every Thursday. So if you blog about local businesses, deals, etc, etc, please feel free to link up below!

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About donielle

Donielle is a natural momma of two, lover of real foods, and owner and editor of Grand Rapids Natural Living and Naturally Knocked Up. You can usually find her in the kitchen whipping up some nourishing foods, cuddled on the couch reading books to the littles, avoiding the laundry and Mt. Saint Dishes, or tapping away on the laptop. Her husband puts up with her sometimes crazy "hippie" ways, but loves her regardless. Welcome to my home away from home.


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