Organized Simplicity {book review}

This year I’ve started to set book reading goals for myself. I used to love to spend hours reading, but now with little ones and a website or two to run, I often find myself forgetting about them even when I do have a moment. My year-end goal is to read 50 books, about one per week, a mix of non-fiction mostly.

One of the books that’s been on my to-read list for months now is Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider.

I happened to come across this when it was free on Kindle (currently only $2.99 on Kindle – and you can download kindle apps for your PC, iPhone, and iPad) , but it’s a treasure trove of good information.

It’s gonna rock my husbands world when I put it into practice this next month or so. If not for me, we might have a bit of a mini-hoarder thing going on…..

The first few chapters would a good teaching on how our “stuff” claims us as slaves. And I often feel this way as it takes my time to move things, organize them (a.k.a. hide them), clean them. I’m constantly dealing with my stuff when I could be doing something more productive or fun with my time.

She also helps lead you through making a Simple Living Purpose statement that works for your family. So that you can always remember how you defined it, and how you want to live *your* simple life.

It was also a bit convicting when she began to talk about how we use our time. How we should use it wisely (instead of the 28 hours per week/two months of the year TV habit that most Americans have). Guilty as charged.

After reading this book, I dug out my old home management binder, dusted it off and got it updated and running again. This keeps me on task.

Most days.

She also includes a ten-day schedule for clearing the clutter and organizing your home. And I am SO doing this. Except it’s going to take me more than ten days, so I’m stretching it out to a room per week.

My house needs some serious help.

And once I can get over to Ikea the next few weeks for a bit of shelving and organizing gear, I’ll be going room by room, emptying them, cleaning, and then adding in only what that room needs.

Have you read this book? What did you think?


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  1. This sounds good! We are moving in the next few weeks so I’m looking for resources like this. I’m hoping that starting in a new place will give me a chance to get rid of what we don’t need and better organize what we do have.