Breathe Easy – Plants that Purify the Air

Let’s face it, there are a gazillion things that happen on a daily basis, that are out of our control. Sometimes that particular truth is one I have a hard time swallowing. Lately though, I have sought to focus my energy on things I can readily control. While I might not be able to control the air I breathe when I walk out of my house, there are ways in which I can help the air I breathe inside my home, help me breathe a little easier. I’ve taken a few steps to promote cleaner air in my home, and for the next few articles I am going to share them with you.

My first step was to rid my home of artificial, dust collecting plants, and replace the open space with air purifying REAL houseplants. Now, to some of you that might seem like an easy thing to do; but for me, I must admit, it was a daunting idea as I have never succeeded with maintaining plants. I was up for the challenge though, so off to our local Flowerland I went.

When I walked into the store the indoor plants stared me in the face. As I got closer I realized it was going to be harder for me than I had thought, as I was having a hard time simply trying to pronounce many of the plant names. It wasn’t long after I arrived that I asked for some assistance. I explained where the plants would be going, as well as my history caring for plants, and I was pointed in the direction of a few varieties. Not only was the ability to clean air, and be in a low lit area of concern, but cost was on my mind too. All that considered, I went with two varieties of plants I found to be most attractive, Pothos and English Ivy. The Pothos were $12.99/container, and the English Ivy were $9.99/container.

Here is a great reference I found that lists several plant types, and their abilities to purify the air; you’ll notice both Pothos and English Ivy are listed, but there are many others that would be great choices as well!

With them only needing to be watered twice weekly, I have hope! So far, so good! And you have to admit, they do brighten up the area!




Do you have plants in your home?