Pregnancy “Survival” Tips

Maïla en quatre temps / Maïla in four steps

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Pregnancy for many is a beautiful time of growing a brand new baby. As the belly extends to the perfect size for baby, mama ready for the birth, and the family’s excitement build to welcome the new arrival, sometimes mama also has to deal with some “uncomfortable-ness”.

Advice from friends and family, websites and magazines, even strangers on the street are never far away. Some welcomed, some not. We each have our own tips and tricks that get us through pregnancy feeling better more often than not, so I hope you’ll join in and leave your helpful tips in the comment!

My “Bag O’ Tips”

First Trimester:

  • Stay away from refined sugar and refined flours. Both deplete your body of much needed nutrients, especially the B vitamins!
  • Take extra B-complex vitamins. Helps with morning sickness as well as with energy.
  • Keep hydrated
  • Eat every couple of hours
  • Do your kegel’s
  • Exercise when you can, even if it’s just a walk
  • Sleep and rest when you can
  • Try to keep life as unstressful as possible

Second Trimester:

  • Sleep
  • Make sure you’re eating well to keep up strength
  • Do your kegel’s 😉
  • Continue exercising to support the growing belly – yoga is wonderful for pregnancy
  • Sleeping with a vaporizer on can help with congestion. That and an extra pillow to prop your head up if needed.

Third Trimester

  • More important to do you kegel’s a few times a day!
  • Start pelvic rocking (cat and cow position in yoga, or basically down on all fours and lift and lower your belly) This takes the weight of the uterus off your back (which feels soooo good), helps baby into a better position, and strengthens muscles for birthing
  • Drink a couple of glasses of red raspberry leaf tea a day. Tones the uterus!
  • Do squats. Helps strengthen and tone legs and back for birth. Personally I do these with an exercise ball against the wall, otherwise I fall over.
  • Sitting on an exercise ball also helps strengthen core muscles (don’t expect to see abs, it just helps a little!) and is sometimes more comfy than a chair.
  • Sleep with an extra pillow between the leg. Helps prop your knee up so as not to compress the pelvic area.
  • Try not to bend at the waist, use your knees and squat when you need to pick something up.
  • Don’t cross your legs. As unladylike as it seems, this can actually cause pain in you pelvis. Think about it, your hips and ligaments are now spreading to make room for baby, why would you want to try and pull it all back together?
  • Sit cross-legged (Indian Style) and lean forward slightly. This helps take the weight of your uterus off your back and allows it to freely fall forward. So much more comfortable than when you lean back on a couch!
  • Sleep when possible. Pregnancy is a great excuse for a nap.
  • Prepare for birth using your method of choice – I like the Bradley Method myself.
Have you found anything particular to help you relieve pregnancy aches and pains?

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