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Advice is one thing that runs rampant as soon as someone hears you’re expecting a little bundle of joy. Some of it is obnoxious, some ridiculous, and yet sometimes some good and helpful information is shared. A few of our contributors give you their number one pregnancy tip:

Beth – Put yourself first, I know as Moms we always put others first, well this is one time in my life that I put myself first.  I don’t feel bad about saying “NO, I don’t want to do that I need a nap” or “I need a back rub honey”, etc….

Amy – My biggest  tip would be to not sweat the small stuff. No one is going to do everything perfectly throughout an entire pregnancy. We have to remember that our bodies were made to do this and that missing a pre-natal vitamin here and there is not going to hurt anything. Getting take-out occasionally on those nights when you’re just too tired or sick is okay. Not having a sparkling clean house 24/7 isn’t the end of the world, etc. We need nourish not only our physical bodies but our mental selves also and stressing about every little thing does not accomplish that.

Shannon – Nutrition!!  There are tons of things you can do to have a better pregnancy, but in my opinion the most important thing by far is to really feed your body well.  That starts with trashing the prescription prenatal full of it’s synthetic vitamins that your body can’t full absorb anyways.  Start using a supplement that’s natural and contains real vitamins that your body can put to good use.  { I personally, have used Shaklee ( for the past 4 pregnancies, and it’s made my pregnancies enjoyable!} The first time around I felt terrible!  Sick, sore, tired, foggy headed…  But since I’ve been taking Shaklee for my pregnancies instead of a prescription, I feel at my best when I’m pregnant!  I’m sure there are other brands that will be good, but Shaklee impressed me with the resourcces they put into the science behind their products.

Oh, and I almost forgot-  you need 80-100grams of protein a day during pregnancy and if you count it all up, chances are you’re only getting about half of what you need.  Your energy will improve 100 fold if you get at least 80 grams!  It’s a challenge, but what isn’t that’s worth doing, right.

Tips from our readers via facebook:

  • Get to know what your body will be doing, the stages of pregnancy and what contractions are. This makes for less fear and more enjoyment (plus less fear makes for less pain!!)
  • Remember that your feelings are sometimes not reality, I am a hormonal wreck for the whole pregnancy and up to two months afterward!
  • I am a natural pregnancy, natural childbirth, pro-midwife, let’s have the baby in the water at home kinda woman. But for me, my lesson while being pregnant was sorta like a brick to my soul. I was in a car accident a year earlier which put …me into the very worst of back labor pain from day one. ultimately, I was that very small percentage of women out there that actually *needed* to have a cesarean.{…….} compassion towards oneself is a biggie. not being rigid and remaining fluid is another. pregnancy and child birth are by far the most amazing & gorgeous experiences a woman can experience —- but you need to remember that if for whatever reason you aren’t able to stay on the path you so hoped you’d be on, that it’s okay… practice compassion and allow yourself to grieve the experience you wanted – and allow yourself to come to a place to embrace the unique road you are on. ♥
  • For myself I’d say, stay as stress free as you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help!!
  • Do your research, stay home and write a birth plan
  • As soon as you find out you are pregnant, get cooking and stock your freezer before morning sickness kicks in!!
  • Also, take really good CLO and probiotics!
  • I think that my number one pregnancy tips would be the importance of how healthy eating really can make a dramatic impact on my baby. Though I know it is important I don’t think I fully grasped how important it is. Eating healthy can also help with hormone imbalances, and mood. It really can make a vast difference in the all around pregnancy. Also, Red Raspberry teas is my pregnancy drink of choice. 🙂
  • In addition – work your butt off at relaxing. Not “taking it easy” but really learn how to relax your muscles consciously. Makes birth WAY easier and faster, tames the aches & pains, helps you sleep, makes you a more patient mama.
  • Sleep NOW! 🙂

What’s your number one pregnancy tip?

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  1. My personal number one tip (speaking from only 1 full-term pregnancy, and baby #2 expected in August) is to educate yourself about the birth and pregnancy process. I think knowledge really is power in this situation. You’ll learn the importance of healthy eating and how to handle labor and delivery in a way that will benefit both you and baby as much as possible!