Review : Don’t Bit Me Patch

We live on a mosquito farm.


Everyone has them at their house in the summer right? Right.

Except we also have a good size river that floods during the spring/summer rains and then proceeds to fill all of the low lying areas just a few hundred feet from our front door. I mean, we used to live 2 miles (big move huh?) from where we are now and it was nothing compared to this. At night we get swarms of them outside the sliders and basically can’t go outside after about 6pm.

It borders on ridiculous.

A few years ago I tried out the Don’t Bite Me Patches to see if they worked. I really wanted to get rid of the chemical sprays we normally used.

This patch is a natural way to repel those stupid biting insects.

It contains only vitamin B1 and aloe.

The vitamin B1 travels through your system and the excess is the sent out your pores, thereby masking the carbon dioxide your body emits. The aloe is an anti inflammatory that helps minimize any inflammation that occurs if you do get a bite.

Sounds great right? At least a way to not use lots of chemicals.

But does it work?

I put one on my leg about 2 hours before I tested it out. (it takes 2 hours to be effective) After dinner I went outside, right up to the edge of the woods. What transpired was really weird. I was being swarmed, yet none landed on me. After a few minutes I received only one bite, which is a miracle seeing how many where out there.

Since then I have used the patches a few more times, and each time received one bite or less. So these things really do work! My only beef is that it takes a couple hours to be effective so it doesn’t really work for impromptu outings. But for camping or for when you know you’ll be outside for great lengths of time, these are awesome.

They’re waterproof and they even last for about 36 hours.

Best of all, you can put them on kids without having to worry about Deet and other toxins.

Has anyone else tried these?

I may try to remember to pick some up in the next few weeks as we’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors getting the garden ready.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Cool! I am a mosquito magnet, so I will have to check these out.