Rubbery Celery

I’m really good about buying celery cause I know how healthy it is and I figure I’ll eat it for snacks and all. Problem is, a lot of times I don’t eat it. I get lazy and don’t feel like cutting it and washing it, in order to have a snack. Or it gets pushed to the back of the fridge to be forgotten in the land of mystery foods.

It sits in the crisper and I pay no attention to it for a week or so, and then I try to eat it before it goes bad. Unfortunately it’s usually gone rubbery and no fun to eat. Then I came across an idea (can’t remember where) to cut the stems off at the bottom and place them in a tall bowl or pitcher, put a couple of inches of water in the bottom, and stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

You’ll end up with celery as good as new and no need to send it out to the compost pile.

Homemade crackers are easier than they may seem to be! Crackers are often used as quick snacks for small children; they’re easy, they’re compact, and easy to bring along while traveling. But most pre-made crackers contain added preservatives, to much salt, and even excess sugar.

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