Sleeping like a baby

You would think that sleeping would be easy for us Moms, we are exhausted from all our duties all day, we should be able to fall in to a coma-like state at night.  I wish that was the case, but it seems that all those Motherly duties are what keep us from getting a good nights sleep.

It typically goes like this…Mom gets awaken at 6:00 am  by a sweet toddlers request for a drink, she goes and brews herself a pot of coffee and grabs a quick snack, she starts the rat race of making breakfast for the kids, cleaning up, running errands, planning the upcoming Birthday party, dropping kids off at school, picking kids up from school, dinner time, more cleaning up, trying to stay awake so she grabs another cup of coffee, soccer practice for the oldest, playdate for the others, bedtime routine and then attempting to sit and watch a show with her husband………..whew I am exhausted just thinking about it.

That coffee, the lack of exercise, lack of quiet time, worrying about upcoming activities and the late night T.V. all are adding to the inability to sleep for us Moms.  Add to that being pregnant and where does that leave us….TIRED!!!

I know that the first trimester of pregnancy most of us are probably able to sleep well and even take some naps (or at least want to) our bodies are forcing us to slow down and sleep.  Then the second trimester our belly starts growing and we start to feel uncomfortable in our favorite sleeping positions, we have to get up every couple hours to pee and our minds start racing about EVERYTHING.  By the third trimester your hot one minute, cold the next, your baby is kicking you all night long and you can’t stop thinking about the baby that is about to join your family and all the things you need to do before the arrival. I remember towards the end of my last pregnancy I asked if it was possible to die from lack of sleep!  I would routinely wake at 4:00 am and not be able to get back to sleep, I hated it.  Not being able to sleep when you are soooooo tired is very hard, physically and emotionally.

So what to do?

I have a few tip’s but I would also  really like to hear from all of you Moms on how you make sure to get your beauty sleep.

1. Limit caffeine, best to eliminate it because it is a cycle of too tired to function so you must have caffeine, which in turn gives you restless sleep…GRRRRRR

2. Have a bedtime routine, yes you have one for your kids but do you have one for yourself?  It can be an hour-long or 5 minutes long, just get your body prepared for sleep.  A good quick one would be, put your PJs on, rub your feet down with lotion, wash your face, brush your teeth, read for a bit, say a prayer, good night!

3. Try to get in some high energy activity, such as a walk or hard gardening, as well as a quiet time activity, such as prayer or yoga.

4. Put a notebook beside your bed, I have to do this one because my brain does not like to shut off!  This way if you wake up thinking of something you jot it down and can go back to sleep, you don’t lay there thinking about it for an hour.

5. When pregnant I make sure to load my bed with extra pillows, so when I get uncomfortable I have something to help make me comfortable!

6. Keep the room cool, especially when pregnant, I get so ornery when I wake up and am sweating to death, I freak out and start throwing blankets and huffing and puffing and work myself up so that I can’t get back to sleep.  So I have started just wearing a tank and undies to bed, as well as using the fan!

Sleep is such and essential part of life but us Moms usually will put sleep on the bottom of our list.  We need to make it a priority.  A well rested Momma is a good Momma!

Now, give me your ideas for better sleep!!!!


  1. I’m in second trimester (third kiddo…tho last one was 11 years ago)…I finally allow myself to take a nap during the day so I am not so wired tired that I end up not being able to sleep (who would have thought being TOO tired would keep u awake??). I also get up at the same time every day so I have sleep habits

    • @TeriMyo,
      Think about our kids, when they get too tired, they dont sleep well either. I guess we should follow the same rules! 🙂