Bring on the Heat…


It is May which means summer is around the corner, with it will come the hot, hot sun!  That heat can make for some miserable days for us pregnant ladies!

All of my pregnancies have brought me through the summer (my daugter was June and all 3 boys are September). I vividly remember, 13 years ago, when I was pregnant with my oldest, I worked part-time at a Hallmark store.  The store was air conditioned, unlike my house, so I would volunteer to work extra hours and I would come in early and stay late, just to bask in the coolness of the air.  Us pregnant ladies will go to extreme measures to stay cool!

I have compiled a list of ideas from real live Moms who have been through hot and sweaty summers…

  • Turn on the air and relax
  • Sit in front of the fan and drink some ice water
  • Get in the kiddy pool with the kids
  • Run through the sprinkler
  • Go to the mall and enjoy the air conditioning they pay for
  • Take a cool shower
  • Eat a box of popcicles
  • Go to Lake Michigan and jump in
  • Invite yourself over to a friend’s house, who has air
  • Put cold compresses on your neck, in between your legs and behind your knees
  • Drink a tall glass of lemonade

When pregnant the risk for getting too hot is higher and more dangerous, so make sure to take caution. Some warning signs that you are getting too hot include: sweating, nausea and thirst.  If these symptoms progress to include: confusion, fainting and rapid pulse you need medical attention immediately!

I always took refuge in the fact that even though I had to live through my third trimester in the heat of the summer, I was going to have a fall baby.  Which meant lovely weather for me and baby to snuggle on the porch swing, with out the worry of my sweet bundle getting too warm.

What did you do to stay cool in the hot summer sun while pregnant?


  1. My little guy was born at the end of July last summer. The biggest thing for me was lots of water! If I could stay hydrated I felt much better and cooler! Also, shade, skirts, tank tops and going slow helped a lot!