The importance of time

My husband and I took our kids on their first camping trip last month.

It’s something we have always wanted to do, but it never made priority in our budget.  Medical bills, student loans, and our dream of owning a hobby farm someday have always made financial priority.  But this spring it dawned on me that my children only get one childhood and I wanted to make the absolute most of it!

We couldn’t wait another year to start making memories; it needed to start now! 

spending time with family

So I planned a 4 day trip with some friends of ours and it was amazing, to say the least.

Yes, the first night we got so much rain that it destroyed our used tent and we had to drive to town to put a new one on a credit card.

Yes, our hobo pie makers got melted in the fire (they were made of aluminum; be sure to buy the cast iron ones).

No camping trip is going to go by without mishaps, which always lead to great stories.

We left our iPods and cell phones in the car.  We had no electricity, no running water, and nothing stopping us from being engulfed by the nature that surrounded us.  We had amazing, secluded, rustic camping sites on the river and it was gorgeous.  We spent time with our children building memories to last a lifetime.

It was wonderful to take a break from the distractions around us to enjoy quality time together enjoying nature and you can bet that we will be camping regularly – even planning to go on a trip to the Upper Peninsula later this summer.

So take some time off, buy a tent, and start making some memories with your children or grandchildren. I can guarantee that it will be a good investment. 


New Tent: $150
Camping: $30/night
Spending undisturbed time with those I love: Priceless


Do you camp regularly with your family? If not, how to you spend undisturbed time with them in the big outdoors?


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