Top 10 Things To Do Before Summer Ends!

Summer in Redgranite

Ok so it’s already August……..which means Summer is coming to a close (hear me crying and my children yelling NOOOOOOO!) The Summer has gone by extremely fast again this year -we still have a few things that we NEED to do.  If you feel the same way feel free to add to my list of the

Top 10 Things To Do Before Summer Ends!

1. Go to the beach (depending on where you live this could be a lake or ocean) for us it is Lake Michigan.  We have been to the lake only once this year, but that is not enough….I love the feel of the sand on my feet and that sound it makes when I walk across it.

2.  Have a picnic in the park.  This is a necessary activity for Summer and we have not done one yet.  I want a REAL picnic too, with sandwiches, lemonade and a cute little checkered table-cloth!

3.  Feed the ducks at the pond.  This one can be done at the same time as the picnic at the park!

4.  Play in the sprinkler.  Now the kids have done this all Summer long but I have yet to get out there and have some FUN!!!!

5.  Stop and smell the roses.  This can literally be the roses or any other flower you like.  I have been so worried about weeding, feeding and plucking the flowers I have forgotten to actually enjoy them.  Get down and smell them, cut some and bring them inside.

6. Go fly a kite.  I need to get out the kites and bring them to the beach with us.  Flying a kite is so relaxing and fun!

7. Go to a drive in movie.  We don’t have a drive in theatre near us so this one is going to be tough.  But if you have one accessible PLEASE go!!!  We stayed up in Traverse City a few years ago and went to the drive in 3 times while we were there and the kids still talk about how fun it was.

8.  Go Canoeing.  Now I am not doing this one this Summer because I am 8 months prego, but the Hubby and kids want to get to the river sometime soon and go.

9.  Go camping.  Well we actually did this earlier this Summer (yes I tent camped while 8 months pregnant!)  I do not enjoy tent camping at all so I am hoping to go camping in a cabin before the end of the summer (one with a bathroom).  The minimalist lifestyle is appealing to me and camping is as close as you can get 🙂

10.  Find fun shapes in the clouds! I do this sometimes in the car, when we are bored, but to get the real Summertime joy you have to lay in your lawn on a nice day!

Well those are my top 10 things I still need to do before Summer ends….what are yours?


  1. I went camping with our family of 5 (now 6) at 37 weeks! Makes you feel hardcore! Now baby is 5 weeks and can’t wait to get out there again!

  2. Great suggestions!

    We went to the drive-in all the time last summer when Baby was a newborn because it was so easy to take him. We loved it!