West Michigan Home Birth Midwives

Many women in our area choose to deliver their babies at home, in a setting most comfortable to them. We are fortunate to have several local midwives that assist in these deliveries with pre and post natal care as well as bringing attentive care to the family throughout labor and delivery.

Each one of these wonderful midwives have their own unique personality and their own way of assisting during your birth, so make sure you call each one to find the right fit for you and your family.


Local Midwives:

{attending births within Grand Rapids and surrounding areas}

Your HomeBirth, Shannon Pawson, CPM – 616-295-1128

midwifeWhether you are pregnant or just thinking about it, considering midwifery care is a great step towards a fulfilling and empowering pregnancy and birth. Homebirth and midwives are proven safe options for childbearing. Most healthy women do not need medications or technology to conceive, birth or grow their babies. With information, support and attentive guidance, a woman will use her inherent wisdom to care for herself and her baby peacefully and powerfully.



Birth Song Midwifery Services, Yolanda Visser, CPM, CM – (616) 458-8144

“My goal is to have a direct, open, and honest approach to care. Each woman is unique and should be honored as such. When we are involved in our care, pregnancy is a lot more fun. We are more responsible in preventive terms, which helps to alleviate fears. With active participation we truly are more informed and empowered.”


MI Homebirth, Laura Slater – 616.456.5967

“I believe in the ability of women to give birth safely and naturally without intervention. Pregnancy and birth are natural, normal functions of a woman’s body, while Giving Birth is an empowering, transforming event. It is an integral part of the development of womanhood that helps prepare and equip us for parenting and one of the most rewarding acts a woman does in her lifetime.”


Simply Born, Sara Badger – (616) 452-7355

I believe that women can birth.  I think that women need to be  encouraged and empowered to let their bodies do exactly what they need  to do.  I believe that pregnancy and birth are healthy and normal events  in a woman’s life.  As a midwife, I feel that it is my honor and  responsibility to nurture and create the space for the women I serve on  the journey to motherhood.  I recognize that in pregnancy many women  experience great physical, emotional, social and spiritual changes, and  it is my intention to support women and families in this time of  transformation.


Home Birth Partners, Susan Wente, CNM, Dr.PH – (231)519-1081

“We know that if a healthy woman is put in the supportive and nurturing environment of home that Home Birth Partners. Although Susan has 20 years of hospital midwifery experience, the focus of a homebirth is “hands off” unless medical issues arise. It is our desire to bring the focus in childbearing back to where it belongs: to the mother, father, the baby and the family that the birth is creating. The majority of healthy women can deliver safely and comfortably in the home with a trained midwife.”


If you know of any other local home birth midwives, feel free to let me know so that I can add them to not only this post but to our resources page as well.

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