Your Subscriptions Options {and what they mean}

When reading a blog, you have lots of options. In fact, it’s kind of ridiculous how many different places you can “subscribe” or read my blog and posts! Social media sites have only added to that, and I’m afraid many are becoming confused….and a touch annoyed. I love all of the support I’ve been shown by my readers and I hope that offering multiple ways to follow my posts only adds to your experience here.

Ways to Subscribe to a Blog

Really Simple Syndication or RSS, is a great way to subscribe to blogs, especially if you read many of them on a daily or weekly basis. In simple terms it’s this – my blog has a special RSS Feed attached to it so that all of my posts can be read on another site called a feed reader. I personally like to use Google Reader, though there are many other options out there as well. Once you have a Google reader account, you simply click that funny little dot and curved lines button and you will see each of my new posts (and can read them there!) any time I update the blog. You’ll basically see an entire list of new posts titles from each of the blogs you subscribe to and can choose to read them if they sound interesting. To comment on a post you’ll need to click the title of the post and be directed to the blog.

By subscribing via RSS, you will receive updated posts to your reader each time I write a new article – about 3-4 times per week -and you’ll see them shortly after the article is published.


When you subscribe by e-mail updates, you’ll receive a new e-mail each day I post something new on the blog. You’ll see the full article in your inbox to read at your leisure. To comment on a post, you’ll have to come to the blog to do so.

E-mail updates are sent each day a new article is posted.

Enter your Email to Subscribe

You can “Like” the blog on Facebook as well and you’ll see any new posts in your news feed should you happen to catch them. You’ll also be able go to the Natural Living Moms page anytime you’re on Facebook to check for something new. I like Facebook as a way to interact with readers and we’ll be using it as an extension of our community where you’ll have input on content, as well as random thoughts, questions, and pictures from my daily life. You’ll see links posted to new articles when they’re published but will be taken to the blog to read them.

When you subscribe via facebook you can expect up to 3 posts per day in your feed. Most of the time it’s less than this, but you shouldn’t ever see more.


Twitter often times seems like this giant expanse of space with everyone randomly talking. Well, I guess it doesn’t so much ‘seem’ this way as much as it is actually this way. We’ll chat about everything there; random thoughts, pictures, questions, interesting articles, etc, etc. I also post links to new articles on the blog and when you click on them you’ll be taken to the blog to read them.

Following me on twitter you can expect anywhere from one to 20+ posts per day. {depending on how much of a writer’s block I have} You can also follow @donielle

Join our community in the way that serves you best!

{and sharing with friends is always appreciated}


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